Generator Installations and Maintenance

Backup Generators are a convenient addition to your residential electrical system. When the power goes out you don't want to be left in the dark or without heat.

Automatic Standby Generators can be installed to back up your whole home electrical panel. They can detect a utility power outage and automatically transfer over to generator power. When the utility power is restored, the generator will transfer back to normal power. These generators can run on either natural gas or propane.

Temporary Standby Generators can also be used. This system does require a few steps from the homeowner. We would install an approved outlet outside of your home that would allow you to back feed up to 10 circuits of your electrical panel. The homeowner would have to move their generator near this outlet, start the generator, plug it into the approved outlet and manually operate the transfer switch. This procedure would have to be reversed when normal power came back on. Typically, these generators run on gasoline.

Generator Maintenance is important to ensure proper functionality at the time of a power outage. Oil, Filters, Plugs should be changed yearly. Along with a battery check and load test.