Lighting Your Home With Care

Lighting Installation Services

Lighting is an important, and sometimes underappreciated component of your home. Lighting can make or break a room, and having quality installation and products will put the finishing touches to any area.

Post Lights

Light your pathway with new post lighting. Lights can be placed by walkways and driveways to provide functional lighting with a stylish look.

Recess Cans

Low profile or Flush Finish to the ceiling. They can be used for General Lighting or Task Lighting and come in various sizes and finishes.

Old Fixture Replacement

It’s time to replace old light fixtures with the updated look of LEDs. Not only can they give your light a whole new look, but they’re energy efficient too!

Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting provides both functional and ornamental light to your landscapes, hardscapes, pathways and decks! Operating at only 12v, it is a safe and versatile way to light your property without making it look like an “AIRPORT RUNWAY”. My Electrician will design and install a beautiful low voltage lighting system for you.

Cabinet Lighting

Provide a functional Task Lighting and will give your kitchen an elegant new look.

Flood Lights

Exterior flood lights can be used to brighten larger areas such as driveways and yards. Flood Lights also provide a sense of security and safety.

Let’s work together on your next project!

Let’s work together on your next project!

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