New Light fixtures can give a room a whole new look!! -New LED Technology is Energy Efficient and No Maintenance!!

Recess Cans - Low profile or Flush Finish to the ceiling. They can be used for General Lighting or Task Lighting and come in various sizes and finishes.

Under cabinet Lights - Provide a functional Task Lighting and will give your kitchen an elegant new look.

Flood Lights - Exterior flood lights can be used to brighten larger areas such as driveways and yards. They also provide a sense of security and safety.

Post Lights - Can be placed by walkways and driveways to provide functional light with a stylish look.

Landscape Lighting - Low Voltage Landscape Lighting provides both functional and ornamental light to your landscapes, hardscapes, pathways and decks!

Operating at only 12v, it is a safe and versatile way to light your property without making it look like a "AIRPORT RUNWAY"

My Electrician will design and install a beautiful low voltage lighting system for you.